How We Doing?


"How We Doing" is designed to provide bar and restaurant owners and general managers with objective and comprehensive insight as to what their customers really see, hear, taste, and experience when visiting their establishment.

Our programs, which range from a single visit to eight visits over the course of 30 days, provide detailed ratings and notes encompassing a guests' experience from the time they arrive to the time they leave. Included are such aspects as exterior upkeep, front-end appearance, staff, cleanliness, drink and food product, and an array of other aspects that a typical guest would experience during a visit.

With our multiple visit programs, visits occur at varied times of the day and week. We also offer options to focus the visits on certain areas or issues as requested. Reports from each visit are provided with ratings on over 50 possible elements as well as observation notes.

Simply, our goal is to provide each client with better insight of what their guests experience when visiting their establishment and to identify the negatives and positives to help make the customer experience the best possible.